About Me

Hi! I’m Ciara, a lover of all things design, fashion and art. I am currently a senior attending Brigham Young University – Idaho, majoring in Communications with an emphasis in journalism.

I have always had a love and passion for writing and fashion since a young age. I can recall a time in junior high sitting in my German class thinking to myself, “I need to move to LA and work for Teen Vogue. It has to happen.” And ever since then it has been my dream. It was also years before I went to college that I decided that I wanted to study journalism and become a fashion journalist.

I have been blogging on and off for about five years and have gained a lot of valuable experience in social media, networking and writing. All of which will help further me in my future career. Blogging has also helped me to develop a love for photography and videography, which is something that I enjoy doing on the side in my spare time.

Some of my accomplishments include – being a Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger, Lucky Magazine Contributor and Roxy Brand Ambassador in NYC.

When I’m not blogging you can most likely find me binge watching ridiculous reality TV shows, laughing with friends, feeding my online shopping addiction or eating Costa Vida.

I created More of C to document the things I love and to share the things that I gather inspiration from. I hope to develop a creative outlet where I can share those things.

Thanks for following along!


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