Time is flyin’

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it is that time. flies. by. It’s so crazy to me how quickly a few months can pass in what feels like such little time, especially lately. In January I started my last year of college.


And now I’m currently in my last semester with only two months left.

It seems like just yesterday I was being dropped off as a new, scared freshman. And while it feels like I’ve been in this little town of Rexburg forever (5 years actually) it really has gone by so fast. What is especially crazy to me is that all of my friends are gone. Literally every single one. It’s quite depressing actually and I can’t really handle talking about it haha.(You know who you are… thanks for leaving me)

My poor new roommates, they probably think I’m a hermit or an 84 year old lady who never goes out of the apartment. I promise I used to be cool, you guys. 😉

I had one roommate ask me the other day if I was scared or nervous to be graduating this semester. Without even thinking about it I replied, “No! Not at all!” Which that is mainly true. I really am so ready to be graduated and move forward with my life and career and finally be able to do what I love.

But after thinking about it for a while, it made me think about the whole concept of time passing and that different phases of your life will never be the same as what they are in this exact moment.

I’ll never be in college again, I’ll never be living in Rexburg again (at least I pray that I’m not), and my life right now will never the way it is ever again.

And that is a slightly scary thought, also slightly dramatic haha.

But I realized that I need to enjoy the phase that I am in. Yeah college is hard, stressful, and makes me question the importance of getting an education everyday, but I really need to enjoy it and not be so focused on wanting it to end.

So cheers to making the most of my last few months of being a college student!

(Ironic that I’m writing this in the library when I’m supposed to be doing homework…)


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