Linkedin Engagement Assignment

In case you missed it, today is the official first day of spring! When I hear that, all that comes to mind is how excited I am for my spring wardrobe. The sandals, sundresses and shorts are about to be in full force. As we start to see all of our favorite stores transition from winter to spring, you’ll notice a few trends.

Especially after Pantone has already announced their colors of the year for 2016. Which are rose quartz and serenity or light pink and light blue. Those colors will make their way into everything this season, from clothes to shoes to home décor.

How it usually works is the big designers have already made their seasons collections based off of these colors, and they work their way down the line. With the colors going through different department stores until it trickles down to us. And then by the time we see and wear the year’s colors, the big designers are already onto the next. Which is why sometimes color trends only last a small amount of time. It can be confusing when we finally catch onto a trend and start wearing it, when come to find out a few weeks later we’re behind. But you can be rest assured that these colors will be around all year and if you gravitate towards them within your wardrobe you will be right on trend.

Home décor is a big factor when it comes to the color of the year. It seems that every time I walk into Target I see the newest, hottest colors on display. For example, this past year when gold was extremely popular that is all I saw on the shelves. I can’t complain because I’m the biggest fan of gold, but you could definitely tell the moment it caught on and the time when it started to fade. Lamps, bedspreads, candles, pillows and rugs all reflect the color of the year. Which is both good and bad when decorating your home. On the one hand, you have easy access to the best colors, but it can also be depressing when the color isn’t so popular anymore and you’ve just decorated your whole house in them. That’s why we have a new color the next year!

One of the main areas that I see the colors of the year play out is during wedding season! That is was most brides base their whole wedding and colors around. Because nothing would be worse than having a wedding that was so last season! When you know what colors are in and what to expect a lot of, it’s easy to plan your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, ties and tablecloths around it.

Granted these are more springy/summery colors, but they will certainly make their way into the colder fall and winter months but with a different spin. Instead of being so prominent, they become more subtle with little touches here and there. Or maybe just a darker shade of the blues and pinks. So the best way to plan out your wardrobe for next year is to research what the upcoming year’s colors will be and know what you should be expecting!



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