Here it is, two weeks after Thanksgiving and I am just getting around to write this post! BUT none the less, we had such a fun week in Utah over Thanksgiving spending it with family. We fly in from Baltimore on the 23rd and stayed for 10 days, it was great. I got a rude awaking with the weather because it was freeeezing! It hasn’t been that cold in Maryland for the past couple of months, and is still supposed to be 70 degrees this weekend! It really is a miracle. Anyway, it snowed while we were in Utah but there was still a few nice(ish) days where I was able to snap a few pictures of my brother and his cute family! These were taken just right behind my house in this big open field. How pretty are those mountains though?? I loved the way the pictures turned out, even if we were all frozen in the mean time! Here is a little peek..



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