Last week my sister and little nephew came out to visit us in Maryland! I haven’t seen her since I moved out here in August and it feels like it’s been much longer than 2.5 months! We had the best time over the weekend that she was here, and let’s just say I was slightly depressed when she left. Any time I get to spend with my sisters is my favorite and I miss being able to hang out with her any day of the week back home!

We took a little trip back to Annapolis (our old stomping grounds) where my sister-in-law and I showed her around downtown. The Navy Academy is down there and we were able to go on campus where we found the perfect spot by the water where we walked around and watched the sail boats. It is seriously the prettiest little town! I’m obsessed.

We also headed into DC for a day to explore some of the monuments. It is so nice this time of year and all the fall colors were to die for! But when we weren’t out and about, we spent our time decorating my brothers house. If you know me or my sisters, you know that we LOVE to decorate. I’m lucky to have such creative sisters who share the same obsession as me! So being able to have full charge of decorating the house was a dream come true for us haha.

It was the perfect weekend and I’m sad I can’t rewind time and have her come back!




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