After living and going to school in Idaho for five years, I finally made a trip to Boise! I don’t know why I’ve never gone before, I’ve always wanted to but just have never had the chance! Until this past week, I got to go down with one of my Journalism classes for a project. The experience itself was an adventure of its own due to hotels mishaps, freeway accidents and just being with my class in general. But luckily my friends and I were able to get a few good laughs out of it.

While being in Boise I realized what I have been missing out on these past five years! Everyone always talks about how much they love it but I never really got why. I couldn’t believe how cute, artsy and unique it was. Every street I went down I saw a building or wall that I wanted to take a picture of or a cute street cafe I wanted to eat at! I thought it was such a gem of a place. And I’m sad it took me so long to get there! Our trip was only for a day, so I didn’t get to do as much exploring as I wanted to, but I guess that only means I’ll have to go back!

(On a side note… there’s only four weeks left of the semester and I’m kind of freaking out about it. But in the best way possible. I guess time flies when you’re having… fun?)

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Time is flyin’

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it is that time. flies. by. It’s so crazy to me how quickly a few months can pass in what feels like such little time, especially lately. In January I started my last year of college.


And now I’m currently in my last semester with only two months left.

It seems like just yesterday I was being dropped off as a new, scared freshman. And while it feels like I’ve been in this little town of Rexburg forever (5 years actually) it really has gone by so fast. What is especially crazy to me is that all of my friends are gone. Literally every single one. It’s quite depressing actually and I can’t really handle talking about it haha.(You know who you are… thanks for leaving me)

My poor new roommates, they probably think I’m a hermit or an 84 year old lady who never goes out of the apartment. I promise I used to be cool, you guys. 😉

I had one roommate ask me the other day if I was scared or nervous to be graduating this semester. Without even thinking about it I replied, “No! Not at all!” Which that is mainly true. I really am so ready to be graduated and move forward with my life and career and finally be able to do what I love.

But after thinking about it for a while, it made me think about the whole concept of time passing and that different phases of your life will never be the same as what they are in this exact moment.

I’ll never be in college again, I’ll never be living in Rexburg again (at least I pray that I’m not), and my life right now will never the way it is ever again.

And that is a slightly scary thought, also slightly dramatic haha.

But I realized that I need to enjoy the phase that I am in. Yeah college is hard, stressful, and makes me question the importance of getting an education everyday, but I really need to enjoy it and not be so focused on wanting it to end.

So cheers to making the most of my last few months of being a college student!

(Ironic that I’m writing this in the library when I’m supposed to be doing homework…)

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In case you missed it, today is the official first day of spring! When I hear that, all that comes to mind is how excited I am for my spring wardrobe. The sandals, sundresses and shorts are about to be in full force. As we start to see all of our favorite stores transition from winter to spring, you’ll notice a few trends.

Especially after Pantone has already announced their colors of the year for 2016. Which are rose quartz and serenity or light pink and light blue. Those colors will make their way into everything this season, from clothes to shoes to home décor.

How it usually works is the big designers have already made their seasons collections based off of these colors, and they work their way down the line. With the colors going through different department stores until it trickles down to us. And then by the time we see and wear the year’s colors, the big designers are already onto the next. Which is why sometimes color trends only last a small amount of time. It can be confusing when we finally catch onto a trend and start wearing it, when come to find out a few weeks later we’re behind. But you can be rest assured that these colors will be around all year and if you gravitate towards them within your wardrobe you will be right on trend.

Home décor is a big factor when it comes to the color of the year. It seems that every time I walk into Target I see the newest, hottest colors on display. For example, this past year when gold was extremely popular that is all I saw on the shelves. I can’t complain because I’m the biggest fan of gold, but you could definitely tell the moment it caught on and the time when it started to fade. Lamps, bedspreads, candles, pillows and rugs all reflect the color of the year. Which is both good and bad when decorating your home. On the one hand, you have easy access to the best colors, but it can also be depressing when the color isn’t so popular anymore and you’ve just decorated your whole house in them. That’s why we have a new color the next year!

One of the main areas that I see the colors of the year play out is during wedding season! That is was most brides base their whole wedding and colors around. Because nothing would be worse than having a wedding that was so last season! When you know what colors are in and what to expect a lot of, it’s easy to plan your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, ties and tablecloths around it.

Granted these are more springy/summery colors, but they will certainly make their way into the colder fall and winter months but with a different spin. Instead of being so prominent, they become more subtle with little touches here and there. Or maybe just a darker shade of the blues and pinks. So the best way to plan out your wardrobe for next year is to research what the upcoming year’s colors will be and know what you should be expecting!



Winter is alive and well, folks. And you all know what that means – layers, layers and more layers. Personally, winter/fall fashion is my favorite because of all the layering you can do!

My favorite trend that I’ve seen everywhere this season is the monochromatic look. Of course there’s always the classic black on black, which I’ll always be a fan of, but what is being called the ‘fashion sandwich trick’ is what’s making me all sorts of obsessed.

Refinery 29 described it as, picking a main color to act as your “bread” and then picking one other complimentary color to act as the “filling” for your fashion sandwich. So by adding a touch of grey with an all black outfit, it adds dimension and interest, while still keeping that monochromatic look.

Here are some examples of my favorite looks:




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What trends are you loving this season?

Thanks for reading!



Here it is, two weeks after Thanksgiving and I am just getting around to write this post! BUT none the less, we had such a fun week in Utah over Thanksgiving spending it with family. We fly in from Baltimore on the 23rd and stayed for 10 days, it was great. I got a rude awaking with the weather because it was freeeezing! It hasn’t been that cold in Maryland for the past couple of months, and is still supposed to be 70 degrees this weekend! It really is a miracle. Anyway, it snowed while we were in Utah but there was still a few nice(ish) days where I was able to snap a few pictures of my brother and his cute family! These were taken just right behind my house in this big open field. How pretty are those mountains though?? I loved the way the pictures turned out, even if we were all frozen in the mean time! Here is a little peek..



To make a very long story short… I ended up going on a spontaneous trip to NYC this past weekend with some friends. They were in town and were headed to New York the next day and invited me to come and I couldn’t pass it up! We were only there for a total of about 48 hours but it was such a good time and well worth it.

NYC will always be such a special place for me! Right after I graduated high school I moved there to live with my sister and to work as a nanny before starting college. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! There is something about the city that feels like home. So being able to go back and walk the streets that I used to walk everyday was so fun.

Since we had limited time in the city this weekend, we basically didn’t sleep. Like at all. We took a bus from DC directly to Times Square on Friday night, then got up on Saturday morning around 9 and stayed up until my bus back to DC around 6:30 am on Sunday. It was kiiiind of insane and I actually don’t know how I did it! It wasn’t until about 8:30 pm on Sunday that I actually went to sleep! (I think I’m still recovering from being sleep deprived!) But it was a blast and we were able to see so many things! Biking through Central Park, Times Square, 911 Memorial, Staten Island Ferry, Natural History Museum and Top of the Rock – just to name a few!

I put a little video together of the trip, so if you want to watch it I have the link posted below!

Until next time, NYC…. I’m counting down the days until my next trip!

NYC Video



Last week my sister and little nephew came out to visit us in Maryland! I haven’t seen her since I moved out here in August and it feels like it’s been much longer than 2.5 months! We had the best time over the weekend that she was here, and let’s just say I was slightly depressed when she left. Any time I get to spend with my sisters is my favorite and I miss being able to hang out with her any day of the week back home!

We took a little trip back to Annapolis (our old stomping grounds) where my sister-in-law and I showed her around downtown. The Navy Academy is down there and we were able to go on campus where we found the perfect spot by the water where we walked around and watched the sail boats. It is seriously the prettiest little town! I’m obsessed.

We also headed into DC for a day to explore some of the monuments. It is so nice this time of year and all the fall colors were to die for! But when we weren’t out and about, we spent our time decorating my brothers house. If you know me or my sisters, you know that we LOVE to decorate. I’m lucky to have such creative sisters who share the same obsession as me! So being able to have full charge of decorating the house was a dream come true for us haha.

It was the perfect weekend and I’m sad I can’t rewind time and have her come back!